Horticultural Knowledge

Clients tell me they like my enthusiasm, my flair for design and my plant selection.


My first priority is customer satisfaction.


First and foremost I am a horticulturalist and plant knowledge is my speciality.


I am interested in sustainability and the long term maintenance of your garden.


I will recommend appropriate watering systems where necessary, always bearing in mind sustainable options such as rainwater collection, drip irrigation, plant choice, etc.


Want to grow your own produce?  Vegetable gardening is my passion; enjoy the fruits of my labour!


Always looking for innovative design solutions, consider a vertical garden.  A stunning, yet tranquil feature that can enhance the smallest spaces.  Vertical gardens are self-watering, low maintenance and provide an impressive showpiece in any setting.





 Design Flair

I will work closely with you through the process of turning those vague ideas into concept designs, through to the beautiful reality of an outside space that meets your needs.

You will have the opportunity to adapt and discuss planting and design options.  I will provide concept plans prepared using CAD software, including photos of plants selected and any other suggested features.